Karen Hardin

Karen is passionate about equipping families to embrace God’s global heart and purposes and live out their role in His story. She loves creating mission resources, training, and hanging out with some of the cutest folks on the planet—kids.

Karen Hardin's comments

Love this book. I used it as an introduction to a giving project. We acted out the story and talked about all the ways animals like chickens and goats help families in poverty. I showed the children catalog pages from organizations like World Vision and Samaritan’s Purse and we voted on which ones to purchase. The we brainstormed ways we could raise the money, both individually and as a group. So fun!

Tajik Kids is an awesome video that will give your kids an up close and personal look at the Tajiks, the people group featured in this month’s Connect story. We used this with the kids at my church and also tried out some of the activities.

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