Lea Plante

Lea Plante lives in Pennsylvania (for now) with her husband and two children. While packing suitcases and flying in planes are not her favorite activities, she believes the preparation and the journey are worth it to reach the destination.

Lea Plante's articles

Help Wanted: Families

Are you tired of keeping up with the Joneses? Can you relate to flawed Bible characters from Abraham to Paul? Have wealth, power, or fame proved empty or unsatisfying? Do you wish to experience a deeper faith and not only see, but also join God at work in blessing the peoples of the world? This…

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Waiting and Watching

You many never have thought of yourself this way, but you are a “wait-er.” Ever since you were a baby waiting to be fed, you have felt the sometimes-uncomfortable sensation of waiting. You have been building a stronger character and practicing the virtue of patience since the very beginning. As parents, we have the joyful…

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Teaching Spiritual Grit

Do you teach the virtue of spiritual grit in your home? I am not suggesting that your children put sand in their shoes or that you neglect sweeping your floor. Grit is determination in the face of obstacles, an unrelenting spirit, and a steadfast focus on a desired outcome. Faith-filled spiritual grit means even more.…

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Missions With Kids? No Way!

Before kids, I believed cross-cultural service was an essential, life-altering experience. But as soon as my first sweet baby came along, I decided my traveling days were over. I refused to expose my daughter to strange illnesses, dangerous environments, or take her far away from her doting grandparents. Life outside my comfort zone with children…

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#SquadGoals, #GodGoals

As we left the house this morning, I called out to my kids, “Let’s go, squad!” My teenager rolled her eyes, but yes, these are my people, my crew, my team. Depending on where you live, “squad” may be a word more commonly used to describe a group of rugby players, cheerleaders, or crime fighters.…

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Foreigners to Friends

As a mother, my most important mission is my own children. What I did not realize was that it was also possible for me to be a part of God’s love for all humanity, in all of our beautiful, mystifying diversity — in my very own neighborhood. Nor did I ever expect that it would…

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