Rob Rienow

Dr. Rob Rienow’s most important ministry is loving his wife and partnering with her to lead their seven children to follow Jesus. He is a pastor, author of Visionary Parenting and founder of Visionary Family Ministries. Rob leads marriage, parenting, and family conferences around the world.

Rob Rienow's articles

Role Call

Responding as a Family

The world pressures us to become “conformists.” There are pressures all around us to act, dress, look, think, buy, and behave in the same way as everyone else. Sadly, this pressure can even exist in the church when it comes to service and missions. Week after week the pastor encourages the congregation to volunteer in…

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Shaping Hearts

Did you know that you can influence what your children are passionate about? Do you enjoy sports? Is there a particular sports team that you follow? All my kids are Red Sox baseball fans (with the Chicago Cubs as a backup due to their mother). This did not happen by accident. I grew up in…

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A Vision for the Generations

God has a plan to use your family to make a difference in the world for Christ. When I say "your family," I am not only speaking of the people He has put in your home today, but also of unborn generations to come! Faithfulness and growth through the generations is a major theme in…

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Spiritual Opportunities During Quarantine

Our lives have been turned upside down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During times like these we ask, "What is God doing? Why is God allowing this?" While some of the answers to these questions remain hidden from us, we can say with confidence that God wants to do three things in our families during…

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Mission Essential:

Abhor Evil

As Christian parents, we rightly spend lots of time teaching and encouraging our children to love others. Our desire is that the Holy Spirit would move so powerfully in their hearts that they would overflow with Christ's love and compassion for people near and far. However, did you know that God also calls us to…

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Your Family and the Glory of God

Perhaps you have heard the phrase, “only for the glory of God.” This is a theme that runs through the entire Bible, that all of creation exists for His glory. If this is true, then God created your family to glorify Him. What exactly is “the glory of God?” We see God's glory in the…

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Raising Children Committed to Reconciliation

Hatred has been with us ever since Adam and Eve sinned. From the first civilization, one way hatred has manifested itself is through racism. Because of this, an essential aspect of Christian parenting is equipping our children bring the love of Jesus and His gospel into this world filled with racial hatred. The first Christians…

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Parenting with Multi-Generational Vision

Sometimes, as parents, it feels like simply surviving until the end of the day is the pinnacle of success. The daily demands of family life can be overwhelming and it is easy to become discouraged. I want to encourage you to shift your focus from the chaos and pressures in your life right now, and…

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Discover More by Saying No

“Yes!” It is a good word. It is a positive word. It is a word people like to hear. But parents can get into a lot of trouble if they use it too much. Would you like to sign up for soccer? Yes! Piano lessons? Yes! Youth group retreat? Yes! Extra study group? Yes! Travel…

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