The Big Story Series

Your Family Has a Part To Play in God's Big Story

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Live it out together with the Big Story Series.

The Big Story Series provides three simple ways to help disciple your family into God’s word, world, and work.


  1. Study God’s word each week through One Big Story.

  2. Learn about and pray for an unreached people group every month with One Big Vision.

  3. Practice World Christian habits all year long using ideas from One Big Adventure.


Perfect for family devotions, these books are available for free as PDF downloads. You can also purchase physical books separately or as a bundle within the United States.


Interested in printing in your country or translating these into your language? Contact us to get the conversation started! We want to make these resources available to all in a way that honors everyone involved in the work.

Discover the grand story that God has set into motion through His Word.

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These 52 family devotionals will walk your family through God’s Word chronologically over the course of one year. Through each story, see God’s purpose of blessing the nations revealed through the way that He blesses His people.
This resource equips you with hands-on activities, discussion questions, and prayer prompts to actively and consistently engage your children in God’s story.
As your family builds a framework for reading God’s Word in light of His purposes, watch as God shapes your view of His character, His heart, and His purpose—as well as who He created your family to be.

Supplemental Activity: Bible Character Cutouts

Print and cut out free Bible character outlines from the 52 devotionals in One Big Story. Children can follow along as you learn about each of these supporting characters in God’s Big Story!

Supplemental Activity: Memory Verse Cards

Print, cut out, and fold memory verse cards that will help your family hide the Word of God in your hearts.

Help your family learn about people groups who are unreached with the gospel.

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With stories and coloring pages, your kids can step into the daily lives of children from different people groups. Learn about their culture, what they believe, and how to pray for them. Reflect on the beliefs of animistic, Hindu, Muslim, atheistic, and Buddhist peoples and how these beliefs compare to the truth of who God says He is in the Bible.
As your family explores the peoples of the world, you will grow together in understanding the depth of God’s love and plan for the nations and embrace His vision for the peoples He loves and desires to redeem.
Languages Coming Soon: Kinyarwanda

Supplemental Activity: Prayer Cards

Print, cut out, and fold free prayer cards to familiarize yourself with the people in God’s world, and how to pray for them.

Supplemental Resource: World Map

Explore the world in a new light. Print out a world map to follow along with activities in all three books.

Supplemental Activity: Coloring Pages

Print copies of all 15 coloring pages so everyone can color together as they follow along and learn about each people group.

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a grand story?

Get it Now Free PDF version available with Subscription
God is writing one BIG, incredible story, and He wants your family to be part of it!
Come on an adventure to meet Sophia, Sung Min, Arianna, Victor, & Amira—five ordinary kids who are changing the world with their families.
Discover the different roles your family can play as characters in God’s BIG story. Each one is different, and each one is important!

Lead your children toward God’s heart for all nations!

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