The Big Story Training Empowering children to own their role in the Big Story
Africa Big Story Training

Join us as we explore how to reach the world from our homes and our ministries.

Children have an important role to play in reaching those around the world without access to the gospel. As parents and ministry leaders, we can take the lead in guiding the hearts of children toward God’s heart for the nations.

This training was developed to equip those who have influence in a child’s life. Our aim is for participants to develop a biblical view of how God views children and their potential in the Kingdom, to create a paradigm shift of discipling children in God’s mission, and to equip participants with beginning basic skills needed to launch children’s mobilization in their home or ministry.

Come see how imparting a God-sized vision to children can leave a lasting legacy of world-changers in your community!

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"Children are not only a mission field; they can be transformed into a formidable mission force when they are taught to embrace this biblical worldview."

—TERKUMA, BST participant

“We cannot bypass kids in the thinking of the future of missions.”


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“I never came across such kind of a training which had this kind of profound emphasis.”


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